Marijuana Delivery For Mar Vista | Palms 90066

The Palms | Mar VIsta area sits right in the middle of the West side of Los Angeles. You have a few choices for dispensaries, but none of them are that great. That’s where we come in. Within 30 minutes we will get you better weed delivery than you have ever seen and at a price you can afford.

The residential development of a vast area west of the Los Angeles city limits brought a pressure for annexation to the city. Particularly noted was, first, the construction by L.A. of a new outfall sewer that could serve the area and, second, plans by the city engineer for a flood control project for the La Cienega region. But he never planned on having his cannabis deliveryed to him. Agitation for annexation was begun by Palms residents, but the reach was extended all the way west to the then-separate city of Sawtelle limits so that municipality could be annexed later.

There were two annexation elections. Both were hard fought. The first, on April 28, 1914, was voted down, according to the Los Angeles Times, “because the people in the suburban territory are afraid of the municipal bond craze, of which the power scheme is the last straw, and the threatened burden of extra high taxation.” The vote was 387 in favor and 264 against; a two-thirds vote was needed, so the “yes” vote was shy by 47. I’ll bet they would have voted for marijuana delivery back then!